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We normally have between 200 and 300 canoes and kayaks in stock. This includes both brand new boats that are in perfect shape, and other boats that have a manufacturing defect or have been used. The list below represents our inventory of “not quite perfect” and used boats.

Because the condition of 2nds is so variable, they are not available for sale online. We encourage customers to visit our store in London to see them in person. It is best to make an appointment as most of these boats are in our warehouse and sometimes they are inaccessible. If this is not an option, please feel free to choose one of the following and we will provide more details.

email us

Call 866-88-CANOE

Under the Condition category in the lists below, you will see boats classified as 2nd, demo, and used. We call boats with manufacturing defects seconds (2nd) or Factory 2nd. These defects range from purely cosmetic issues, like a simple scratch, to more serious imperfections. Purchasing a Factory 2nd is a great way to score an exclusive deal on canoes and kayaks. Be sure that you are fully informed about the defect before you buy.

Demo boats have been used as demonstrator models. Most are in very good condition with some superficial scratching. In some cases they have only been on the water for a few minutes, others may have a few seasons of use and will have more wear and tear.

Be advised that the information on these lists is subject to change without notice. We do our best to update this information frequently but cannot guarantee the availability of the models listed.

2nd quality canoes and kayaks are not covered by warranty.

If you are planning to stop by and view some of these boats it is strongly recommended that you to make an appointment as most of these boats are in our warehouse and sometimes they are inaccessible.

We also usually have a few first quality boats available, contact us for information about those.

Discounted boats are not available for further discounts using coupon codes during sales events.  


Discounted Kayaks

BrandModelColourConditionMSRP (CDN)Discounted Price
Aqua FusionBreeze DXYellowDemo$799$749
NeckyManitou 13YellowDemo$1099$999
PerceptionCarolina 12.0SeasprayDemo$1139$1039
PerceptionPescador 100Red TigerDemo$699$649
PerceptionPescador 120SunsetDemo$859$799
PerceptionProdigy 12.0Red TigerDemo$949$899
Perception Sound 9.5MossDemo$519$469
Wilderness SystemsPungo 120MangoDemo$1059$999
Wilderness SystemsPungo 120 ANGLERSonarDiscontinued$1309$1199
Wilderness SystemsPungo 120 ANGLERDuskDiscontinued$1309$1199
Wilderness SystemsAspire 105SonarDemo$1019$949
Wilderness SystemsTarpon 120 RedDemo$1209$1099
Wilderness SystemsTarpon 135TRedDemo$1459$1259
Wilderness SystemsTsunami 125 RedDemo$1399$1299


Discounted Canoes

An asterisk (*) in the trim column means the canoe is currently untrimmed (just a bare hull). The price includes standard trim.
NK indicates a no-keel version of a particular model.
Stock ID#BrandModelMaterialTrimColourConditionMSRP (CDN)Discounted Price
#3709Nova CraftBob Special NKTuffStuffAlumRedUsed$2659$2159
#3758Nova CraftBob Special NKAramid Lite*Clear2nd$2939$2639
#3774Nova CraftBob Special NKTuffStuff*Oxblood2nd$2659$2359
#3756Nova CraftBob Special NKTuffStuffAlumOliveDemo$2659$2159
#3773Nova CraftBob Special NKTuffStuff*Oxblood2nd$2659$2359
#2925Nova CraftCronjeRoyalexVinylGreen2nd$2379$2179
#3479Nova CraftCronjeAramid LiteAlumRed2nd / Demo$3159$2459
#3391Nova CraftCronjeTuffStuffAlumDesert WhiteDemo$2879$2379
#3779Nova CraftFoxAramid Lite*Oxblood2nd$2599$2199
#3750Nova CraftFoxAramid LiteAlumClearDemo$2599$2099
#3771Nova CraftHaidaFiberglass*Desert White2nd$1769$1569
#3604Nova CraftMoisieTuffStuff ExpeditionAlumRed2nd$3159$2859
#3778Nova CraftMoisieTuffStuff ExpeditionAlumRed2nd$3159$2859
#3762Nova CraftMuskokaFiberglassAlumSunray2nd$1599$1399
#3610Nova CraftMuskokaTuffStuffAshOxbloodDemo$3279$2779
#3747Nova CraftOcoeeTuffStuff EXP*Oxblood2nd$2469$2169
#3477Nova CraftOcoeeTuffStuff EXP*Red2nd$2469$2169
#3769Nova CraftPalTuffstuffAlumDesert White2nd$2829$2429
#3634Nova CraftPalTuffStuffAlumSunray2nd / Demo$2829$2229
#3418Nova CraftPalTuffStuffAlumDesert White2nd$2829$2329
#3418Nova CraftPalTuffStuffAlumDesert White2nd$2829$2329
#4438Nova CraftProspector 15SP3VinylRed2nd / Demo$1119$899
#3777Nova CraftProspector 15 NKTuffStuff*Sand2nd$2719$2319
#4663Nova CraftProspector 16SP3VinylGreen2nd$1239$839
#4661Nova CraftProspector 16SP3VinylGreen2nd$1239$839
#4354Nova CraftProspector 16SP3VinylYellow2nd$1239$1139
#3775Nova CraftProspector 16 NKTuffStuff Expedition*Oxblood2nd$3089$2689
#3705Nova CraftProspector 16 NKTuffStuffAlumRed2nd / Demo$2829$2399
#4445Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylRed2nd$1339$799
#4243Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylRed2nd$1339$799
#4353Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylGreen2nd$1339$599
#4204Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylGreen2nd$1339$599
#4229Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylYellow2nd$1339$599
#4245Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylRed2nd$1339$599
#4212Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylRed2nd$1339$799
#4665Nova CraftProspector 17SP3*Red2nd$1339$599
#4416Nova CraftProspector 17SP3VinylRed2nd$1339$1199
#4335BNova CraftProspector 17SP3*Yellow2nd$1339$1199
#3672Nova CraftProspector 17 NKBlue SteelAlum + Skid PlatesBlue Steel2nd / Demo$3919$3299

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