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Grey Owl Northern Light


A surprisingly light-weight paddle made with cedar and basswood. Made in Canada.



The lightest Grey Owl traditional paddle. Perfect for easy cruising or the experienced ‘style’ paddler.


  • Grip: 5 ply laminated cedar and bass, pear shape
  • Shaft: 5 ply laminated 1/4 sawn cedar and basswood, oval 1 3⁄16” x 1 1⁄8”
  • Blade: 7 laminations, cedar with 4oz fiberglass cloth overlay
  • Blade Cross Section Style: cambered
  • Tip Material & Style: casting epoxy, complete blade edge
  • Finish: high gloss exterior polyurethane with UV block
  • Usage: solo and tandem deep water paddling (2’ – 2 ½’ minimum)


While In-Store

When you come into the store we fit paddles in a few different ways.  For some paddles it’s as easy as standing up straight with the paddle blade on the floor in front of of you.  The grip should be somewhere between the top of your sternum and chin.  For other paddles we may have you hold the paddle as if you were about to take a stroke, and then put the shaft on top of your head.  If your elbows are at 90 degrees you have a good fit.

Ordering From Home

If you can’t join us in the store and see the paddles in person, the following is the best technique to get the correct size. The overall paddle length should be determined by the shaft length from the top of the grip to the throat of the paddle (where the shaft meets the blade).

To determine the paddle size you need, sit up straight on a chair and measure the distance from the surface of the chair to your chin.  Add 6” for the approximate distance the canoe seat would be from the waterline.  For example, a person whose chin to chair measurement is 28” would add 6” to arrive at a 34” shaft length.  Looking at the specifications for the Northern Light (below) you would find the best fit would be a 60” Northern Light. A one or two inch variation really will not have much effect in usage, just try for closest shaft length. Remember to consider that canoe seat heights vary as might a ‘comfort range’ that you might feel more suited to.

Overall Length: 52″ 54″ 56″ 58″ 60″ 62″
Shaft Length: 29″ 30 1/4″ 31 1/2″ 32 3/4″ 34″ 35 1/4″
Blade Length: 23″ 23 3/4″ 24 1/2″ 25 1/4″ 26″ 26 3/4″
Blade Width: 5 3/16″ 5 1/4″ 5 5/16″ 5 3/8″ 5 7/16″ 5 1/2″
Blade Area (sq in): 100 104 108 112 116 120
Average Weight (oz): 14 15 16 17 18 19

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 156 × 14.5 × 3.5 cm

52”, 54”, 56”, 58”, 60”, 62”


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