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New Canoes In Stock

Below is a list of our current list of in-stock new Nova Craft Canoes.

These boats are all available in our store right now.

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If you are planning to stop by and view some of these boats it is strongly recommended that you to make an appointment as most of these boats are in our warehouse and sometimes they are inaccessible.


An asterisk (*) in the trim column means the canoe is currently untrimmed (just a bare hull). The price includes standard trim. NK indicates a no-keel version of a particular model.

All New Canoes In Stock

Stock ID#ModelMaterialTrimColourMSRP (CDN)
#2082FoxAramid LiteAlumSunray$3049
VariousProspector 15 x 8SP3 VinylRed$1199
VariousProspector 15 x 5SP3 VinylBlue$1199
VariousProspector 15 x 9SP3 VinylGreen$1199
VariousProspector 15 x 5SP3 VinylOrange$1199
VariousProspector 15 x 7SP3 VinylYellow$1199
VariousProspector 16 x 2SP3 VinylBlue$1329
VariousProspector 16 x 6SP3 VinylGreen$1329
VariousProspector 16 x 4SP3 VinylOrange$1329
VariousProspector 16 x 3SP3 VinylRed$1329
4934Prospector 17 SP3 VinylGreen$1459
VariousProspector 17 x 3SP3 VinylOrange$1459
VariousProspector 17 x 7SP3 VinylRed$1459
#3920PalAramid LiteAlumClear$3449
#3922Prospector 15FiberglassAlumBlue$1799

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