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Aqua Bound Edge


The Aqua Bound Edge is a high-performance whitewater paddle.



For whitewater canoeists, Aqua-Bound’s Edge canoe paddle is a durable and affordable choice that provides maximum power in every stroke. The Edge is designed with open whitewater boaters and C1 paddlers in mind. Its low-swing weight paired with the comfortable and maneuverable T-grip make it an easy choice. The lightweight carbon straight shaft of the Edge is ovalized for a natural hold. It’s designed with our Ultimate T-grip, which is both very comfortable and gives you all the control you’ll need on the river. The blade is a beefy 129 square inches, along with a full-sized curve for added power. It’s constructed of abX carbon-reinforced nylon that’ll take a beating on the rocks and whatever else the river dishes out. The end of the blade is squared-off to allow you to make the quick strokes and turns needed for whitewater canoeing.


  • Ovalized Shaft: 100% Carbon Standard diameter
  • Blade Width: 8.00in
  • Blade Length: 19in
  • Paddle Weight: 26.5 oz / 751 g
  • Paddle Construction: 1pc
  • Available in 52″ to 60″ in 2″ increments


While In-Store

When you come into the store we fit paddles in a few different ways.  For some paddles it’s as easy as standing up straight with the paddle blade on the floor in front of of you.  The grip should be somewhere between the top of your sternum and chin.  For other paddles we may have you hold the paddle as if you were about to take a stroke, and then put the shaft on top of your head.  If your elbows are at 90 degrees you have a good fit.

Ordering From Home

If you can’t join us in the store and see this paddle in person, Aqua Bound suggests the following method o determine the best size for you. Sit on a hard chair and measure from the seat of the chair between your legs to your nose to determine your torso size. Then follow the chart below to get your Aqua Bound Edge paddle length:,

Torso Size Aqua Bound Edge Paddle Length
26″ 52″
28″ 54″
30″ 56″
32″ 58″
34″ 60″”

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 153 × 20 × 3.5 cm

50in, 52in, 54in, 56in, 58in, 60in, 62in

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