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Badger Paddle Sock


A simple and effective way to protect your canoe paddle.

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Badger Paddle Socks are like the ones you wear on your feet and are knitted by a sock company in Toronto, Ontario. They are made from 100% polyester. They fit by stretching the material over the paddle blade and folding the sock back down, over itself, to hold it in place. You can also just pull one on but we prefer to get a bit more fancy with a PULL, TWIST and FLIP. Slide the paddle into the sock grip first. Next, PULL the excess sock over the blade tip, TWIST 2 to 3 times, and then FLIP the cuff back on itself. That’s it! Just pull, twist, flip, and you’re done!

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Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 cm

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