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Bending Branches Slice Solo


Double-bladed paddle for solo canoeists.



When it’s all up to you, you need a solo paddle that you can count on. Bending Branches’ Slice Solo is that paddle. The Slice Solo canoe paddle uses many of the same materials as the Slice kayak paddles, making it both lightweight and durable.


  • The Slice Solo’s blades are made of proprietary epX engineered polymer for a smooth entry to the water and a light swing weight. Its ovalized, fiberglass shaft has just the flex you need and the durability to stand up to some hard knocks.
  • The Slice Solo comes with a snug-fitting traditional 3 hole snap-button ferrule (adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60°, L or R). The ferrule also allows for the paddle to be taken apart into two pieces for easier storage and transport.
  • Available in lengths of 260cm and 280cm.
  • 35 oz.

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260 cm, 280 cm


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