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Winter Camping 2nd Edition


Enjoy winter camping in warmth and comfort!

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With careful planning, tenting during the year’s coldest months can be safe and fun. Complete Guide to Winter Camping offers advice on selecting a four-season tent and constructing other types of shelter, maintaining personal hygiene, cooking in the cold, choosing a sleep system and getting the right amount of warmth to properly enjoy winter. Chapters on how to read animal tracks, travel safely on ice and identify trees and firewood make this unique book a must-read for anyone tired of spending half their year cooped up indoors!

This updated and revised edition also includes chapters on:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Ice fishing
  • Map and compass navigation
  • How to read nature to navigate
  • Dutch ovens and baking in the bush
  • Clothing, boots and snowshoe selection

Complete with color photos and expert advice from seasoned winter campers and travelers, this book will appeal to both car-camping families and adventurous individuals looking to extend their outdoor activities into another season.

Kevin Callan is the author of numerous books including the bestselling The Happy Camper. He is a featured speaker of many of North America’s largest paddling and outdoors events, and his YouTube channel features many tips, tricks and wisdom for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors.


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