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Haida 17’


Canoes are usually made to order.  They are marked as being in stock to facilitate the transaction, which starts the order process.   The current build time is 4 weeks.  That said, occasionally there are in-stock canoes available.  Click HERE to view current inventory.




The classic lines of this canoe hide the modern innovations incorporated into the hull design. While it looks like a traditional canoe from every angle, it has an asymmetrical hull that improves speed. The flat bottom hull provides excellent initial stability. The rocker is mostly straight along the keel raising noticeably just at the ends making it easy to track in a straight line while providing maneuverability when you need it. This is a versatile family canoe that people can grow into. Beginners will find its steadiness reassuring and as paddlers become more advanced they will appreciate the faster hull and easy glide. The Haida’s roominess and stability means it is an ideal canoe for families who want to enjoy some tripping with young children, whether for a weekend jaunt to a favourite park or a wilderness adventure lasting a couple of weeks.

Made in Canada.

Available Materials

Material Weight Price
Fiberglass 68lb / 30.8kg $2,709.00
TuffStuff 60lb / 27.2kg $4,399.00
Aramid Lite 46lb / 20.9kg $4,889.00
TuffStuff Expedition 64lb / 29.0kg $4,889.00
BlueSteel 48lb / 21.8kg $5,569.00

Tax and shipping not included.
Weights are based on year-long production averages and may vary.
Please note: New canoe orders can take up to 6 weeks to build and deliver.


Length 17ft / 518cm
Width 36in / 91.4cm
Center Depth 14in / 35.6cm
End Depth 22in / 55.9cm
Capacity 1200lb / 544kg



Asymmetrical Hull
Flat Bottom
Straight keel with raised ends

Additional information


Fiberglass, TuffStuff, Aramid Lite, TuffStuff Expedition, Blue Steel


Red, Sunray, Sand, Desert White, Ox Blood, Olive, Green, Blue, Moonlight Blue, Blue Steel, Natural, TuffStuff Clear, Orange, Light Grey, Dark Grey


Standard, Ash Gunnels

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