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Harmony Super Sponge


This bailing sponge will get every last drop of water outside your boat where it belongs!

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The Harmony Super Sponge will help keep the inside of your boat dry. This synthetic sponge has a cellulose cover, absorbs up to a liter of water, is resistant to mildew, and is machine washable. It’s durable, compact and features a handy tie-in tether sewn to the corner. It can be used in conjunction with a bilge pump or on its own.


  • Absorbs up to a liter of water
  • Mildew resistant and machine washable
  • Tie-in tether to keep it within reach


Measures 9″x6″x2″

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 24.1 × 19.1 × 8.9 cm

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