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KIHD Basic Plus Stick Stove


Made in Canada!

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For settings where wood is plentiful and burning it will not cause damage to fragile ecosystems, this wood burning stove allows you to travel without carrying fuel and it packs down to the size of a pancake.

The individual cold rolled steel panels easily fit into place during setup and the unique locking mechanism lock it together. The low square design focuses heat upward, directing it to the pot for quick, efficient cooking.

  • Made of 18 gauge cold rolled steel a material that withstands long-term heat without damage.
  • Designed for pots, percolator and frying pan.
  • Removable access door can be inserted or removed for air-control and for refueling.
  • Extra set of cross strap as to be able to use gel or ethanol pods

Technical Specifications

  • Made with 18 gauge stainless steel.
  • Weight: 1.41 Lbs (640g)
  • Load capacity is 250 Lbs (115 Kg).
  • Packed size is 11 x 11 x 12 cm.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Made in Canada

Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 2 cm

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