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Scotty Coaming/Gunnel Clamp Mount


A non-permanent solution for mounting fishing gear to your watercraft and getting you out there!

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Not thrilled at the prospect of drilling into the hull of your canoe or kayak? This product is for you. Built tough from rugged engineering grade nylon, the Scotty Coaming/Gunnel Clamp Mount with Gear-Head (No. 433) allows you to attach accessories like camera mounts and fishing rod holders to your canoe or kayak without drilling. The adjustable clamp simply fits around the coaming rim of a sit-inside kayak or the gunnel profile of a canoe. Easy on and easy off – simply twist the knob to release or tighten the clamp. The Scotty Gear Head is compatible with a wide variety of post mount rod holders and accessories.

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Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 13 × 7.5 cm

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