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Scotty Kayak Stabilizer Kit


Make your kayak tip-proof!

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Feel secure and stable in your kayak or canoe while fishing with the Scotty Stabilizer System. Made with easy to inflate inner bladders that offer over 30 lbs. of extra buoyancy. Scotty’s new Locking Brackets make installation and removal quick and easy!  Remove or re-position the pontoons with the push of a button.The No. 302 Stabilizer system can easily be adapted to fit on most canoes without drilling holes by using the Scotty No. 449 Portable Clamp Mount. Each pontoon includes a Scotty locking mounting system for easy installation and removal. Simply unlock and swing the system inboard to move them out of the way.

Each Stabilizer Kit includes:

2 – inflatable pontoons

2 – 28″ anodized arms with post

4 – No. 241 Locking Combination Side/Deck Mounts

2 – No. 280 Baitcaster Rod Holders

Each 28″ anodized aluminum support arm includes a gear and post system at either end that allows you to make subtle adjustments to properly fit your stabilizer system to virtually any water craft. The 30 inch long x 8”diameter (zipper opening) pontoons are manufactured from heavy-duty puncture and tear resistant PVC outer shell material.


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Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 82 × 25 × 25 cm

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