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Teddy 12’ Kids


Canoes are usually made to order.  They are marked as being in stock to facilitate the transaction, which starts the order process.  The current build time is 4 weeks. That said, occasionally there are in-stock canoes available.  Click HERE to view current inventory.



This original Chestnut Canoe Company design with Nova Craft innovation offers a craft that is perfect for children. Kids will love to be able to take it out on their own and enjoy spending time on the water in a canoe that they can manage easily. Outfitting your children with the right equipment is as essential to water safety as supervision. Ensure that the kids will be safe on the water with this stable and easy-to-use canoe.

The Teddy is all about comfort with safety in mind for the kids. It will carry them and all the gear they’ll need for a small journey as it requires minimal effort to keep it gliding on the water. The featherweight of this craft also allows them to move it in and out of the water with ease.

The Teddy will allow kids to have fun in their exploration of the outdoors without the frustration of complicated, technical and never-ending instruction. Keep quiet and watch them learn!

Made in Canada.

Available Materials

Material Weight Price
Fiberglass 46lb / 20.9kg $1,989.00
TuffStuff 39lb / 17.7kg $3,499.00
Aramid Lite 31lb / 14.1kg $3,789.00
TuffStuff Expedition 43lb / 19.5kg $3,789.00
BlueSteel 33lb / 15kg $4,339.00

Tax and shipping not included.
Weights are based on year-long production averages and may vary.
Please note: New canoe orders can take up to 6 weeks to build and deliver.


Length 12ft / 366cm
Width 34in / 86.4cm
Center Depth 13in / 33cm
End Depth 18in / 45.7cm
Capacity 490lb / 222kg



Symmetrical Hull
Shallow Arch Bottom
Slight Rocker

Additional information


Fiberglass, TuffStuff, Aramid Lite, TuffStuff Expedition, Blue Steel


Red, Sunray, Sand, Desert White, Ox Blood, Olive, Green, Blue, Moonlight Blue, Blue Steel, Natural, TuffStuff Clear


Standard, Ash Gunnels

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