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20 Litre Barrel


Perfect for a weekend trip!

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Barrels are ideal for canoe trippers to store and transport all things food related as they keep rodents and other small animals out (they aren’t bear-proof). They also prevent food items from being crushed or soaked in case of a canoeing mishap. Combine a barrel with a harness for easy portaging. Handles provide an easy way to hang your food at night. They also make a convenient work surface or stool.


Height 37.5 cm / 14.75 inches
Length 30.5 cm / 12 inches
Width 30.5 cm / 12 inches
Max circumference 98 cm / 38.5 in
Weight 4 lb / 1.8 kg


Leaver-Lock Closure Lid
Two external side handles
Replacement Parts Available

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 30.5 × 37.5 cm

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